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OrganizationResearch Title
(Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas para la Defensa)
Flight Data Recorder
UTN Cubesat
(La Universidad Tecnológica Nacional )
Flight Data Recorder
OMSI CubeSat
(Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
Process for Preschoolers: Marshmallows in Space
CCS & ASC CubeSat
(Cazenovia Central School & Ashford School Connecticut)
Altitude and Radiation Effects
TPP CubeSat
(The Perlan Project CubeSat)
PM 2.5 and PM 10 Environmental Sensor
(The Perlan Project Science)
Ozone Monitor
(The Perlan Project Science)
Pilot's Cabin Dosimeter
UV Sensor
(The Perlan Project Science)
UV Sensor
MadgeTech Cabin Climate
(The Perlan Project Science)
Pilot's Cabin Climate


  • Data is uploaded as soon as possible, (often 2-7 days after each flight) in the default file format created by the instrument.
  • Perlan Flight flies will accompany each folder in the near future.
  • Users can send published data files, accompanying graphs, related documents, and questions to: after review.